Automating your home doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing exercise. Just ask John and Stacy. They’ve chosen to automate their Lithia, Florida home gradually, and are reaping the rewards of having the home systems integrators at Hoppen Home Systems deliver each new feature in record time and with minimal disruption to their daily routines. It helped that the home was initially outfitted with a system that could be easily updated and expanded. With the core Control4 home automation hub in place, the homeowners were able to start with a familiar feature: whole-house audio. They had enjoyed having music throughout their previous home, so it was their top request of Hoppen as they were building their home. To this they added basic lighting control in the kitchen and family room. Through a Control4 app on their smartphones, custom-engraved wall-mounted keypads, or touchpanel, John and Stacy can engage one of several lighting scenes to prepare their home for various activities and events. An “entertain” scene, for example, sets up the lights and music in these two rooms for an evening gathering of friends. Colored lighting recently joined this scene when John brought home a Philips Hue LED light bulb from a local home improvement store. After John installed it, Hoppen simply programmed the bulb into the Control4 automation software automation software program. This is just one of many additions the homeowners will likely incorporate. The wiring—and the Control4 system—are ready to handle the distribution of video to the home’s seven TVs and outdoor theater. More lighting could be integrated at any time. Even the thermostats and swimming pool system are possibilities, says Hoppen.

Every aspect of my experience with Hoppen has been great. From the very beginning, they went out of their way to get to know me and what I wanted and made everything easy to understand and approachable. They were able to design a system easy for us to operate. They are very responsive and prompt. I cannot say enough great things about these guys.

John & Stacy