Improve Your Home’s Security in 10 Simple Ways

Gain complete peace-of-mind with a totally secure home. As crime rates are growing globally, it’s important to ensure your property and loved ones are safe. Here are ten tips and tricks to keep your home protected!

The Watchful Eye

The simple presence of a CCTV, whether real or fake, is enough to prevent a burglar from choosing your home to intrude. However, an actual camera comes with even more benefits at a relatively low cost. In the case of an intrusion, a high-resolution camera offers quality footage and presents more detailed information about the trespassers, from clothing to facial features.

See Your Front Door From Wherever You Are

Since it’s the most essential part of heightening your home security, owning a CCTV appears twice on our list. Our camera systems give you access to your live and recorded video footage from any tablet or smartphone. This means you can see what’s happening at your home wherever you are. Program your security system to send text messages when your camera detects movement so you’re the first to know if something goes awry.

Come Into the Light

Bright scenes are proven to help people feel safer in an environment due to better visibility, which is why daytime is when people feel safest, and children have a fear of the dark. A few adjustments in your lighting system can help you be and feel safer. Program a setting so your home’s exterior lights and the garage turn on as you arrive in your driveway, eliminating spooky shadows.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

When you’re coming home from work, you generally want to relax and unwind. Home automation systems allow you to maximize your leisure time and minimize time spent fussing with lights, heat, and other home functions. But you can also set your home automation system to automatically lock your front door upon entry or let down motorized shades at a scheduled time once the sun goes down.


When a home appears occupied, an intruder is less likely to pick your home to enter. When you’re away from home, vacationing in the tropics or going on a lengthy business trip, don’t worry about potential burglaries. Program scene settings for your lighting system to turn certain lights on and off throughout the house at schedule times to make your home appear lived-in. You can even set the blinds to raise and lower, and audio to turn on and off.

Knock Knock, Who’s There?

When an unexpected visitor knocks, it’s hard to tell who’s there. But a security system gives you eyes on the front door with a CCTV camera. Each time the bell rings, an installed screen displays the person at the door, improving your security and your state-of-mind. You can take it further than a screen display if you’d like: program your speaker to play a certain song, pause your TV, increase the brightness of the patio light, or rotate a security camera at the sound of the doorbell.

Spring Gardening

I bet you didn’t know that a well-maintained yard helps keep intruders at bay! Overgrown shrubs provide shadowy spaces for burglars to crouch when the sun goes down, so it’s best to prune the wide-spreading bushes and low-hanging tree branches. While you’re at it, installing outdoor lighting will fully ensure that there are no dark corners for anyone to hide.

Lock It Up

Most intruders aren’t intentionally searching to cause a noisy break-in. Instead, they’re checking for an unlocked door for easy entry. To prevent this from happening to you, install a smart lock that automatically locks the door after it’s been closed for a certain amount of time.

Like a Good Neighbor

There’s no security system that helps as much as a physical presence. Befriending your neighbors comes in handy whether you need a cup of sugar or an eye on your home while you’re gone. When you’re planning a long absence from home, give your neighbor a heads-up so they can alert the authorities if something suspicious happens. Of course, you can always return the favor!

No Free Advertising

No matter how proud you are of your fully-outfitted home cinema, it’s unwise to let the world know by leaving the boxes for your speakers and flat screen in your front yard. This lets any nearby burglars know that your house is a prime spot to rob. Avoid placing a target on your own back by cutting up the box, saving it for storage, or taking it directly to a recycling plant. Just avoid placing in right outside your house.

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Improve Your Home’s Security in 10 Simple Ways
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