Control4 Neeo Remote from Hoppen Home Systems

Smarter Remote for the Smartest Home. Starting at Only $500

Watch a movie, binge your favorite TV show, or listen to your favorite playlist with one-button access to the channels, sources, and the smart home devices you use the most. With the Neeo remote, you replace multiple remotes and apps with the simplicity of a touch screen, and the right mix of hard buttons that let you enjoy your entertainment-without turning on multiple devices, or even switching a single input. And because it’s powered by Control4 OS 3, Neeo can also control lights, thermostats, door locks and more. Customize and arrange Favorites to start a movie as the shades close, turn ON the lights when you PAUSE the movie, or make sure the front door is locked with a quick glance. The Neeo Remote from Control4… A smarter remote, for the smartest homes.

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Control4 Neeo Remote from Hoppen Home Systems
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