Using Lighting Control in 5 Bright Ways

There are many pros of having a lighting control system, like having total command of specific lights and their intensity. A centralized system is simple to control, and your creativity will know no bounds with endless possibilities to light up your home. Here are some great ways to utilize your lighting control system:

1. Out of Harm’s Way
Keeping your family safe is the top priority on your list, and a lighting control system enables you to increase your security. Program different settings that can help keep you safe. As you arrive home, light up the exterior of your home with the touch of a button, giving you full visibility of anyone attempting to hide in the shadows. When you are away on vacation, program different sets of lights to switch on and off throughout the day so potential intruders are less likely to target a home that appears to be lived in. This “mockupancy” technique has been proven to work for many families.

2. Rise and Shine
Sometimes it’s hard to get going in the mornings; it’s easy to hit snooze and roll over for a few more minutes, and waking up your kids is another task in itself! But with lighting control systems, your family is guaranteed to rise and shine. Program the lights in certain bedrooms to switch on at an automatic time to avoid waking up in the dark, or set the lights in the kitchen or bathrooms to make getting ready even easier. You can also better enforce bedtime by setting the lights to shut off at a certain time.

3. Dim the Lights
Add to the beauty of your home with lighting that matches the mood of a room or event. In your bedroom, keep the lights low to create an atmosphere of a peaceful sanctuary after a long day, or shine the overhead lights in your kitchen to encourage a feeling of productivity and cleanliness. Colored lights give your garden a feeling of mystery and enchantment, while low lights for a party help set a dramatic mood. Remain in command of it all with Control4 dimmers that respond automatically to your touch.

4. Living Simple
With our Control4 App, connect your home to your phone. Compatible with iOS, Android, and Amazon mobile devices, you can command your lighting control systems from your pocket whether you’re relaxing at home or working away.

5. Saving the Earth (and Your Wallet)
Control 4’s lighting systems are energy-efficient to help reduce your carbon footprint. Programmed controls allow you to maximize the use of your lights, saving you time and money. If you’ve forgotten to shut off the lights after leaving the house, you can easily do so from your smartphone. By keeping your home environmentally friendly, you maximize your budget, making this an easy incentive to go green.


With a Lighting Control System, increase the value of your home. Our Control4 products lead the industry with their sleek design, superior quality, and efficient performance.

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Using Lighting Control in 5 Bright Ways
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